Home of the National Guard / Black Star Motorsports team


First of all I want to thank my family for the support and the freedom to make an adventure like this a reality! Also, to all of the sponsors that found away to take care of the teams that make our sport(s), hobbies, and passions possible, I couldn’t have done it with out you!

Although, I didn’t come home with a trophy for 1st place, I did come home with a win and awesome experience in my heart! My FJ Cruiser saw and pushed through what ever Mexico threw at her. It was my home…my base…my safe place to fall back to when times were tough and believe me it did get tough! Though an experience like this needs to shared (basically, I’m saying take a co-driver!) Covering the amount of mileage on an adventure like this truly wears the body, mind, and soul out. The views & foods were awesome, the terrain was rough and the locals unpredictable. But that’s Mexico. Would I do it again….”Yes”.

Thanks again to all of our sponsors and family,

Stephen Frame
Blackstar #54



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