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New FZR race parts from PHX and Black Star!

Last season we were able to debut some bad azz carbon fiber parts from Phoenix at PHX design & fab in Havasu.    Phoenix has been working hard this offseason helping us develop a new light weight rear “pony” seat for the FZR.   This is the first of many products in the collaboration with PHX and Black Star Motorsports.  Phoenix deserves the lion share of props for this project.   He did a lot of fine tuning, wanting to achieve the best fitting race seat on the market.

This rear seat will flow as much air as the full one-piece light weight seats, only difference is you get the ride comfort of your OEM front seat.  Those of you who’ve taken a spine rattling hit from the lack of padding in on a light weight one-piece seat know exactly what I’m talking about.   Your engine will perform better by keeping your engine bay dry and cooler and your backside will thank you after the race.

This is the finished prototype and he is taking pre-orders now.   Seat will be priced right at $595 and visible carbon finish seats will be available at an additional cost.   All orders can be handled directly through PHX at www.phxfab.com.   PHX also has some of the most stylish Kawi Ultra hoods and seats out there.  Stay tuned for more exciting parts coming out of the “Swamp” in Havasu.