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Wild (cat) fires, gremlins, and low flying aircraft

All of those things were a part of round six of UTV Rally Raid.

Black Star Racing fielded two cars, as usual this weekend.  The #21 and #54 Hidden Trails CanAm Commanders both got blistering starts on a blazing fast course Saturday in Bremen Alabama as Stony Lonesome OHV Park hosted the 6th round of UTV Rally Raid races.

The field crew and volunteers have been very busy a spicing up and smoothing out the race track.  The “short course” section was probably doubled in length with many new jumps and table tops.  And a couple dreaded sections in the hills were taken out or widened to help keep speeds up.

There was definitely no lack of excitement on race day either.  Before the race one enthusiast was getting up close and personal with the track through the windshield of his helicopter.  A couple passes through pit lane were so low and fast that people were almost ducking for cover.  Later during the race a refueling mishap left a Wildcat engulfed in flames and  many crew members scrambling for fire extinguishers.  This led to the fire being contained and the racer heading back out on the track.  Amazing.

The gremlins were back at work in this round as well.  The #21 Hidden Trails Commander suffered breakage on the second lap that was quickly repaired by driver Trey Frame.  Once  moving again and back to the pits a driver change occurred and Cameron Frame headed out for his chance at completing some laps only for the “gremlins” show up again.

The #54 Hidden Trails got a visit from the same group of trouble makers but fortunately was close enough to the pits for driver Andy Moss to limp it back home for its repairs.  After one more lap Stephen Frame took the wheel and stayed with it until the four hour race timer expired.

This persistence for 10 laps was enough to secure a 3rd place finish for the #54 Commander and should keep them firmly in the top four of the championship points race.   1st Place finishes are nice but getting 3rd was a great victory for the National Guard Black Star Racing team considering the troubles day brought.

Back at the race shop work continues and the hunt for, and eventual extermination of the gremlins is sought.  Offroad racing is of course brutal and the conditions demanding but this team is determined to fight and continue to produce impressive showings.   At just past the halfway point of the season much has been learned as the team branches out from its roots in PWC racing and into the offroad world.   Round 7 will be here soon and race prep begins again.


Pro Armor in Lucerne Valley

Check out this clip of the Pro Armor crew ripping it up.  Nicely done!

Number 2 is in the stable

Over the weekend we paid another visit to Eric at Hidden Trails. So many things at his shop that I’d like to leave with but of course I zoned in on the next piece of the race team; another 2012 CanAm Commander 1000 X. Eric has really been great to work with and we had everything squared away in no time.

With race day only a couple weeks away no time was wasted getting back to the garage to start prepping. Pro Armor harness were added right away as well as a few other odds and ends. More is happening everyday so check back often.

Pro Armor joins Black Star Racing

Our great friends at Pro Armor have decided to partner with the National Guard/ Black Star Racing Teams for this year.  Pro Armor is Located in a 50,000 square foot facility, on 4 acres in the heart of Riverside, California.  Their state of the art “GREEN” manufacturing facility pumps out some of the best and most dependable parts for ATV/UTV’s on the planet.  The Black Star Racing off road team will be fielding not one but two Pro Armor outfitted Can Am Commanders, for the ultimate torture tests…a complete GNCC UTV race schedule and additional  races in the UTV Rally Raid series, held at tue Stony Lonesome OHV park in Bremen, AL.  The season will finale at the famous SCORE International Baja 1000.  Try to keep up…we are going to have a busy season.  Follow along right here blackstar-racing.com or at blog.blackrocksxs.com.

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