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Wild (cat) fires, gremlins, and low flying aircraft

All of those things were a part of round six of UTV Rally Raid.

Black Star Racing fielded two cars, as usual this weekend.  The #21 and #54 Hidden Trails CanAm Commanders both got blistering starts on a blazing fast course Saturday in Bremen Alabama as Stony Lonesome OHV Park hosted the 6th round of UTV Rally Raid races.

The field crew and volunteers have been very busy a spicing up and smoothing out the race track.  The “short course” section was probably doubled in length with many new jumps and table tops.  And a couple dreaded sections in the hills were taken out or widened to help keep speeds up.

There was definitely no lack of excitement on race day either.  Before the race one enthusiast was getting up close and personal with the track through the windshield of his helicopter.  A couple passes through pit lane were so low and fast that people were almost ducking for cover.  Later during the race a refueling mishap left a Wildcat engulfed in flames and  many crew members scrambling for fire extinguishers.  This led to the fire being contained and the racer heading back out on the track.  Amazing.

The gremlins were back at work in this round as well.  The #21 Hidden Trails Commander suffered breakage on the second lap that was quickly repaired by driver Trey Frame.  Once  moving again and back to the pits a driver change occurred and Cameron Frame headed out for his chance at completing some laps only for the “gremlins” show up again.

The #54 Hidden Trails got a visit from the same group of trouble makers but fortunately was close enough to the pits for driver Andy Moss to limp it back home for its repairs.  After one more lap Stephen Frame took the wheel and stayed with it until the four hour race timer expired.

This persistence for 10 laps was enough to secure a 3rd place finish for the #54 Commander and should keep them firmly in the top four of the championship points race.   1st Place finishes are nice but getting 3rd was a great victory for the National Guard Black Star Racing team considering the troubles day brought.

Back at the race shop work continues and the hunt for, and eventual extermination of the gremlins is sought.  Offroad racing is of course brutal and the conditions demanding but this team is determined to fight and continue to produce impressive showings.   At just past the halfway point of the season much has been learned as the team branches out from its roots in PWC racing and into the offroad world.   Round 7 will be here soon and race prep begins again.


UTVRR Round 4

Hot in Alabama

It’s hot down here in Bama! We’re ready to get racing so we can cool off a bit.



Round 2 video from Busted Knuckle Films

[youtube http://youtu.be/s_2LTeLuLHM]

Hidden Trails / Blackstar Racing on the podium and UTVRR Round 2

In spite of the rain and the lightning round 2 of the UTV Rally Raid series raced ahead this past Saturday at Stony Lonesome OHV Park.  The Hidden Trails/Blackstar CanAm Commanders were well prepared and it showed at the finish line.  The track was slick and brutal with red clay mud and knee deep ruts.  But cars and drivers kept it together to finish the race in a very respectable 3rd for the #54 car and 5th for the #21.

If not for some minor electrical problems the #21 would’ve had an even stronger finish.  “They were setting a blistering pace until that little setback” said Stephen Frame, co-driver of the #54 car.  In fact Trey Frame had an 18:30 minute first lap which ranks in the top 5 fastest laps of the day for class 2 competition.

before the rain


Stephen Frame and Andy Moss (co-drivers) muscled through to finish 11 laps in 3:59:53 which landed them the 3rd best finish in class 2.  “The mud was brutal and seeing was a challenge.  But you have to race no matter what the weather is.”  commented Stephen.

Cameron's helmet after the race

These results along with the 1st place finisher place CanAm in 3 of the top 5 spots.

UTVRR RD 2 3/31/12 “And the rain came down”

 UTVRR RD 2 3/31/12 “And the rain came down”

by: bigkev76

“And the rain came down”

Round 2 of the 2012 UTV Rally Raid proved to one heck of a ride and the real racing was on.  The racers were in for the wettest ride we’ve ever experienced at RR and they needed all their skill as racers to bring this one home.  Saturday was a beautiful day all day.  Weather reports showed 30% chance of rain for the day, and that 30% came to reality just as the race was about to start.  The rain began as the drivers lined up on the grid and the flood gates opened up as the race went on, proving that Rally Raid will test your nerves as much as your skill.

The crew at Stoney Lonesome put in a ton of hours and money to make this course everything that it could be and it showed, they did a great job as always, and their dedication to UTV Racing and UTVRR shone through.  Continual reevaluation of the course and its challenges made this the best race yet.  The racers were very complimentary of the work and changes to the course and all the efforts that are being put into UTVRR to keep it at its place of the premiere racing series for UTV only racing in the USA.  Even when the rain started the improvements in the course were reflected in the lap times and ultimately in the decrease of carnage from round one.  Only a handful of vehicles failed to complete the race due to damage and most of those were caused by crash rather than the course tearing up the vehicle.

As the race wore on thru the night and the rain picked up, and the lap times were amazingly only dropping off by a small margin, the skill the racers showed was second to none.  With a course that’s just over ten miles long, and the high speed that is carried, you needed real skill at round two to keep the speed up, and it showed the drivers of UTVRR have what it takes to run with the best out there anywhere in the USA.  UTVRR has a very high speed course and with a large storm over the course for well in excess of the first two hours of the race the drivers meddle was tested, stories of power slides in high speed corners and high speed overtakes were common place when drivers hit the pits.  We had several racers keep their spirits up with funny comments as they came thru the timing tent. ”  Are we supposed to get rain” or “Awesome weather we are having” were just a few of the comments drivers took a second to shout at us as they rolled thru timing.   Judging by everyone’s good spirits, the racers were having fun despite Mother Nature not being on our side and giving the racers a story to tell. On more than one occasion we were asked if we would be calling the race due to weather and the response from Quantum Racing was a resounding NO!  Off road racing is what it is and weather is no reason to call it, as the thunder rolled and the lightening came down the racers pushed on into the night and really showed what the Southeastern UTVRR racing community is all about, real racing for real drivers.  We appreciated their funny comments or general smiles as they acknowledged we was just as committed as they were for standing out in the rain as they were for racing in it.  If nothing else, Quantum Racing is as focused on the sport and UTVRR as it ever was and we were prepared to get wet with everyone else.

Course improvements for round three will make for an even faster race carrying even more speed across the ten miles and challenging the high speed racing skills of the racers that UTVRR is known for.  Tight sections of the course will challenge drivers technical ability at low speed, but the ethos of UTVRR has, and will always remain the same – High speed UTV racing, fast, unique and challenging.

Even in the rain, the pits were lively as always, you could see racers pulling into the pits with flat tires and the pit crews were out in a frenzy of repair, dedicated to getting their racers out there and back into the mix.  It’s always very apparent that the UTVRR family is “in it to win it” and a storm changes nothing. Some pits were grilling and feeding us, thanks Basch Brothers for the pork chops bathed in hot sauce.  As always we had some veterans helping our the new guys and we had competitors helping each other out. That never gets old.  It’s one of the things that make us love doing this, the UTVRR family.  We like the competition but in a close second place is the hospitality that the UTVRR series has shown from everyone involved, from the racers to the park employees, helping one another and watching out for each other if a vehicle goes missing, helping in each other’s pits and generally having the very best sporting nature possible. We saw new racers that were previously unknown being helped by seasoned teams from last year with everything from help and advice to literally helping out in the pits should it be needed.

This race proved to be the closest competition we’ve ever experienced at a Rally Raid.  The top 4 spots were seperated by only 1:04 total time.  That’s amazingly close for a 4 hour race.  At the end of the night, Team RacerTech outlasted them all and took home the win for Round 2.

At round two we had Busted Knuckle Films come out and shoot a video for the series, we managed to grab a few minutes with them as the race wore on.   These guys are seasoned racers and video guru’s, they have been to many events and seen all manner of series so when they comment to us “this is awesome and unique” we know they were impressed and that tells us we are on the right track.

Quantum Racing and its entire staff are extremely proud of the UTVRR family, the racers make the series we just give them somewhere to race, and race they do.  Round two saw forty one teams line up on the grid with all age ranges from 14 to 65 in all manner of vehicles from factory stock RZR 570’s to rockin pimped out RZR XP’s, Sand Vipers, Canam Commanders and even custom built buggies.  Class One, Class Two and Outlaw always amaze us with the dedication to the race and the series.  Teams that had radios were calling into race control as they passed vehicles broken down in the forest and even after the race some racers went back out to help with the collection of people and vehicles.

Special thanks go out to Crane One, James Schofield, Johnny Ford, LCB, Octane Racing and SxS Mulisha for the parts they played in round two with help with everything from Tech inspection to driver collection, course sweeping and publicity.  This is the dedication that the UTVRR family has to the UTV racing scene and it will only get stronger as we move on in our quest to stay ahead of the competition and remain the fastest, most dedicated and friendly series in the USA.  UTVRR pulls the biggest draw of any series in the USA for a UTV only racing series and we know why, racing isn’t just a course, it’s the entire package and with UTVRR you get it all.

We’d like to once again thank our headline sponsor RacerTech for their commitment to Rally Raid and the UTV racing scene.  We’d also like thank joomGo our class two sponsor, PCI Race Radios, Mountain MotorSports, Blue Torch Fab, and Adventure ATV for their class and fastest lap sponsorships.

Watch out for the “Busted Knuckle films” video and pictures that were shot at round two with driver interviews and race footage.

To find out more about UTV Rally Raid visit HOME – UTV Rally Raid.

Jettribe gear crossing over

This off season Black Star Motorsports decided to take it to the dirt and give UTV racing a go.  While UTV racing and Jet Ski racing are a world apart, both sports share a common thread, speed and competition.  Going into our first UTV race was a huge learning experience for us, but with each event we get better and better.  One thing that I wanted to post about was that the fact that we searched all over for offroad gloves to race in.  Might seem trivial to some, but if you can’t grip the wheel, your not going to do well.  We ended up going back to our Jettribe R-15 Race gloves.  These are the most comfortable and best griping gloves on the market for any sport, hands down.  You may also notice in the pic, I’m wearing my Jettribe Moto Tour Coat.  This jacket handled the cold, wet, muddy conditions with ease.  What can I say, I love my Jettribe gear!  Now, if I can just get Tony at Jettribe to design some other gear for this UTV market…….
Trey Frame

UTVRR Round 2 pictures

Click here to go to our media gallery for Round 2 pictures.  And check back for updates.  We’ll be adding more pics as we sort through them.


Live race scores

Live race scoring (hopefully it works correctly this time) is at https://tagheuer-live.com/ti/utvrr/racedisplay.html

A quick clip from the 3/3 race

The first UTVRR is in the books

Press Release 3-6-12:

Black Star Motorsports wants to thank Hidden Trails ATV and namely owner Eric Holcomb for the racing support at the UTVRR this past weekend. We’ve been racing jet skis professionally for years, and we’ve never had a company step up like Hidden Trails ATV  has. Eric, who is a former ATV racer, knows the importance of solid backing to succeed and his efforts have to be recognized. Everyone at the event could have seen Eric in the pits changing tires, getting muddy and trying to keep us going. It was awesome to be a part of. Eric also has some top secret parts projects in the works, so keep any eye out for some exciting things coming out of southern West Virginia!

If you have the option, check out Hidden Trails ATV  for all your UTV needs. They are the #1 Can-Am dealer in the region, so remember to support those who support our sport, they’ve earned it!


Number 2 is in the stable

Over the weekend we paid another visit to Eric at Hidden Trails. So many things at his shop that I’d like to leave with but of course I zoned in on the next piece of the race team; another 2012 CanAm Commander 1000 X. Eric has really been great to work with and we had everything squared away in no time.

With race day only a couple weeks away no time was wasted getting back to the garage to start prepping. Pro Armor harness were added right away as well as a few other odds and ends. More is happening everyday so check back often.